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[Sep. 22nd, 2006|12:14 pm]
Mens Infertility - Help and support


hi to all i have spent the morning looking for support my husband and i have been married just over years. He has six children from his previous marriage but was kind of forced by his ex and the GP to have a vasectomy that he didn't really want

When we met we talked about having a family and the various ways this would be possible including a reversal which he had last september. We were told by the prof that did it that there was a success rate of 80% chance of success but guess what we fell into the unlucky 20% we wear put on the IVF waiting list just in case it didn't work and they said we would be called in roughly 18 months time to stat treatment if the reversal didn't work

There was no follow up from the hospital after the op and we had been trying for a little while and i suggested going for a sperm test and they didn't see any sperm at all!. The GP was shocked i was devastated . i phoned the unit to see where we were on the list number 46 and there is no chance of treatment before 2009 no chance to appeal or anthing . I am a wheelchair user and now 36 it was all i ever dreamed of my cousin is about to have her baby any day now and it is so very painful there also seems to be babies everwhere.
The pain is so great i have pysical pain when i think about never having a baby of my own

We have talked about donor but when i phoned the unit for info the unit told me 4 times about the shotage and the law etc and there is a shortage of white English sperm and that we would have to pay for it .

They said we could get an appointment to see someone re donor on the Nhs but he couldn't tell me how long we would have to Wait so i booked an appointment privately which is on the 6th Oct amazing what money does.

Does anyone know how much the whole donor cycle costs i donut work and we don't have a lot of spare money i am so devastated

[User Picture]From: kissmeforlonger
2007-03-27 11:13 am (UTC)
This is very late but I suggest you contact the National Gamete Donation Trust, www.ngdt.co.uk, as they can give advice and support and may be able to help you find a donor. Good luck.
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