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Mens Infertility - Help and support
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We have countless places to discuss women infertility but little or nothing is here regarding mens infertility.
Here we hope to help women and men alike come to grips and get answers to their fertility issues.

Females are most commonly thought of as the 'culprit' when it comes to these issues when this is not always the case.
Male infertility accounts for nearly half the world infertility reports in the world and need to be looked at as a possible cause for infertility in a couple trying to concieve.

Improving male fertility
This can be achived by doing the following

avoid or reduce stress
wear loose fitting underwear or boxer shorts (let the testes hang lower away from the body)
exercise regularly
have a healthy diet; cut back on caffeine and alcohol intake (2 drinks a day can hinder sperm production)
take Mens Vitamins and Minerals if diet is poor (may wish to take them anyway to improve natural diet)
quit smoking
see your health care professional for regular testing

Some sites worth looking into also:

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Risk Factors
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IVF (In vitro fertilisation)

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